Air Techniques L-66 Oil-less Compressor 4 Users "PATIENT READY"

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The Air Techniques’ AirStar dental oil-less compressors operate without oil and produce hygienic and dry dental air for compressed air applications.

The AirStar Dental Air System hygienically cleans air which also enhances any infection control procedures by eliminating an environment that can serve as a medium for promoting bacterial growth.

Ultra-dry dental air protects valuable handpieces from premature failure due to the effects of moist air and the build-up of oil residue. The COMPRESSO – DRI is a unitized sir system consisting of an air compressor, a drying system and a storage tank.



Air passes through the drying system before entering the storage tank.

The drying system is self-cleaning and automatically purges itself.

Splash lubricated reciprocating type Storage tank does not have to be drained



  • Ultra dry and hygienically clean air for compressed air applications.
  • Compact size and shape for space-saving installation.
  • Safe and convenient dry air compression.
  • Balanced recovery time that lessens the strain on electrical and mechanical components.
  • Efficient and trouble-free operation.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Does not have to be drained.


Technical Specifications:

  • HP: 2.0
  • VOLTS: 208/ 230
  • TANK SIZE GAL.: 15
  • AMPS: 14.4
  • MIN / MAX VOLTAGE: 200/ 240
  • D" X L " X H " :  24 X 41 X 30 1/2
  • Shipping Weight (Approximate lbs) : 320 lbs

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