A-dec 461 Cuspidor w Adec 551 Assistant's Instrumentation

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A-dec 461 Cuspidor with 551 Assistants Arm

This is a beautifully refurbished unit that is complete and "Patient Ready".

A-dec 461 Cuspidor Features Include:

  • Standard Cudpidor Touchpad
  • Cupfill and Bowl Rinse Spouts
  • Support Center

A-dec 561 Assistant's Pkg Features Include:

  • Syringe
  • Saliva Ejector
  • Dual HVE
  • Adjustable holders. Rotates as a group and pivot independently customizing instrument positioning.
  • Integrated A-dec 500 standard touchpad. Provides secondary control of chair, dental light, and cuspidor (or accessory) functions; serves as a sturdy handle for positioning the assistant's arm.
  • Easy left/right conversion. Accommodates both left- and right-handed operators.
  • Vacuum tower. Rotates to improve HVE and saliva ejector tubing management; includes a large-capacity solids collector to simplify routine cleaning.

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