Adec Warm Air Tooth Dryer Dental Handpieces

Sale price$250.00 USD


The tooth dryer allows you to prepare the tooth and tissue surface using warm, nearly dry air (the tooth dryer reduces the moisture content of the air). The dryer requires no electricity and has no moving parts, and the dryer handle is thermally insulated for comfort and safety. The tooth dryer operates under the principle of the Ranque-Hilsch tube in which compressed air is passed through a vortex tube. As the compressed air passes through the tube it separates into two swirling air streams: one warm and one cold. The warm air flows out gently from the tip orifice, while cold air is exhausted. Operating Temperature The tooth dryer is designed to deliver warm air between 125°F (51.7°C) and 135°F (57°C) when the air pressure at the tooth dryer is 60 psi. This temperature is present only at the tip orifice, and will decrease rapidly as you increase the distance between the tip orifice and tooth or tissue surface. The drying temperature is regulated by altering this distance

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