Air Techniques MOJAVE Dry Vac 2V3 - Refurbished

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This refurbished Air Techniques MOJAVE Dry Vac 2V3 is a dual system vac good for 6 users. This dual pump system comes with a 10 gallon Tank. This system is in phenomenal condition.

What seperates the MOJAVE from its competitors?

  1. The MOJAVE 2V3 provides Lower Energy Costs because the additional pump only turn on when needed, only spin as fast as necessary, and the system needs no water or oil.
  2. The MOJAVE 2V3 also provides consistency by delivering the highest constant flow rate at every operatory even when there are multiple simultaneous users.
  3. The MOJAVE 2V3 requires minimal maintenance because it uses an automatic rinse cycle that cleans the tank and prevents clogs.
  • Pump Dimensions (pump/tanks stacked - in inches) 34x25x19
  • Tank Dimensions (pump/tanks stacked - in inches) 23x25x17
  • Weight (in pounds) Pump 140 (x2) and Tank 75
  • Circuit Breaker-  20A (x2)
  • Voltage Range- (Min/Max) - 205/240
  • Horsepower - 1.5 (x2)
  • Max Users - 6

What makes the Matrx AirMax OL7 Oiless Compressor work so well?

The AirMax Oil-less compressors high-performance design, and tough, trouble-free construction provide a very high quality compressed air. They are built with oil-less piston compressor heads, and an in-line filter system that ensures delivery of extremely clean air that is water, oil, and contaminent free so that your procedures and handpieces are in no way compromised.
  • Dimensions (in inches) 32x33x25
  • Ship Weight (in pounds) 320
  • Horsepower/Kilowatts (2)@ 1.6 HP / 1.2 KW
  • Voltage 208-230V
  • Max. Current 19A
  • Elec. Service (Dedicated Line) 12 AWG – 20A Min Breaker
  • Tank Capacity 20 Gal

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