Kerr Automix Model 23425 Amalgamator Computerized Dental Amalgam Mixing System

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Kerr Automix Model 23425


The Kerr Automix Computerized Mixing System Model 23425 is state of the art dental technology that features a mixing system.

This computerized and programmable amalgamator is designed to ensure perfect mix-to-mix consistency and performance. Use it with with Kerr's great family of alloys - Tytin, Tytin FC, Contour, and Sybraloy - for a perfect match. 

System includes programmed control cards for each amalgam/glass ionomer to ensure a consistant mix with no waste.



Complete mixing: The variable speed range ensures the most complete mixing possible.

Safe and easy: The capsule holder design makes loading and removal easy.

Quiet operation: The smooth, quiet operation eliminates distraction and patient discomfort.

Easy to disinfect: The color and protective gloss coating makes cleaning and disinfecting effortless. 

Operating Fequency: 3000cpm to 4200cpm

Includes Mixing Unit, Cards and Power Cord

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