Midwest Shorty Slow Speed Autoclavable Hand Piece w Straight Nose Cone

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This is a Rebuilt Midwest Shorty with a Midwest Straight Nose Cone

The Midwest Shorty is an autoclavable, low-speed handpiece that has been a staple of dentistry for many years. This handpiece replaced the Tru Torc which was considered too long for some procedures. The turbine is actually similar to a highspeed handpiece that uses 2 sets of drive rings (like a transmission) to slow the rpm from 15,000 down to 6,000. With its strong turbine and drive ring motor it was the the definite leader in slow speed motors before the advent of electric motors in the operatory, and still commands the favor of a multitude of operators to this day. One of the common praises of the Shorty is that with the power it pushes you aren't going to stall this beast real easy. In fact when we tried to stall it close to 6,000 rpm all we managed to do was break our bur. And it can also be run in forward or reverse direction in case of embedding or endodontic procedures. Features:
  • Single Speed (0-6,000 rpm)
  • Precision control and quiet operation from air turbine motor
  • Easy attachment of all modular angle components
  • Excellent longevity of Shorty motor Excellent concentricity
  • High torque over a broad speed range (0 - 6,000 RPM)
  • Design allows good intra-oral visibility
  • Numerous attachments available to perform a variety of procedures