Adec 575L LED Dental Operatory Light Wall /Cabinent Mount Refurbished

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Refurbished A-dec 575L LED Dental Light

This is a refurbished A-dec 575L Dental Exam Light. It is a radius mount light for A-dec chairs and comes as shown in the photos. The color of this light is White.

A-dec describes their light as such:

See clearly and diagnose accurately day after day with the award-winning A-dec 500 LED dental light. Get advanced light performance and unparalleled ergonomics for the dental team. A cure safe mode gives you more time to work with composites.

Easy on the Eyes

Innovative light distribution creates a uniform pattern with a “stadium” effect to minimize shadowing. A feathered edge light pattern reduces eye fatigue.

Exceptional Illumination

A high color rendering index (CRI) of 94 mimics sunlight’s clarity and floods the oral cavity with light that reflects colors accurately for soft and hard tissue diagnosis. See image: High CRI (left), Low CRI (right).

The high-quality light pattern on the A-dec 500 LED dental light conforms to the latest ISO9680 standards for brightness, color rendering, and uniformity.

Ecologically and Economically Smart


  • Three-axis, 540º horizontal rotation light head adjustment. Provides unlimited barycentric positioning.
  • Three light intensity settings. Features three intensity settings of 15,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lux.
  • Cure-safe mode. Enables the dental team to work effectively at 23,000 lux illumination without curing photo-initiated resins.
  • Auto On/Off function. Turns the dental light on automatically when the chair reaches the treatment position and turns it off in the entry/exit position. Requires A-dec touchpad. 
  • Remote touchpad activation. Allows you to toggle between settings and turn the dental light on and off without having to touch the light head.
  • Local switching. Enables easy change of mode by the entire dental team when the touchpad is not available.
  • Long-lasting LEDs. Uses about 1/5th the power of a traditional quartz halogen light with a life expectancy of up to 40,000 hours, or nearly 20 years of daily use.


  • Light is easy to clean, smooth surfaces
  • No special power requirements
  • Very consistent and uniform light pattern
  • Provides outstanding illumination for dental procedures
  • Requires less maintenance and replacement

    Technical Specifications:

    • Power: 15 watts maximum
    • Focal range: 16" – 30" (400 mm – 750 mm)
    • LED Type: white HB-LED, 90 CRI
    • Color Temperature: white 5000 Kelvin
    • Light Pattern: 5.7" x 3.8" at 27.6"
    • Light Intensity high: 30,000 lux (2787 fc)
    • Light Intensity medium: 25,000 lux (2323 fc)
    • Light Intensity low: 15,000 lux (1394 fc)
    • Heat Output: 24 BTU / hour
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