Pelton & Crane SP20 Dental Chair Package Spirit Alliance 1250 Delivery **NICE**

Sale price$6,150.00


These Pelton & Crane SP20 Chair Packages are Refurbished and include a Light. They come with Charcoal/Slate Upholstery.

The Alliance 1250 series dental delivery system includes:

  • Quick Clean Syringe
  • Straight asepsis tubing for 3 handpieces
  • Convenient brake release for flex arm
  • Individual non-retracting water coolant adjustments
  • Handpiece tubing purge system
  • Self-contained water system with city water/bottled water selector  
  • Post-mount utility center with solids collector Contoured junction box

Shipping for one of these units is $650 Flat Freight.

Please contact us with questions about this or any of our other listings.


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