Scican Statim 2000 OEM Preventive Maintenance Kit

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These are Original Scican Statim ® 2000 Parts

This PM Kit for the STATIM ® 2000 Autoclave can be used to follow the Scican Statim ® Maintenance Schedule. We have provided a link below for access to that information.

Seal Condition: New

  • Manufactured by: Scican ®
  • Model: 2000
  • OEM Number: 01-100028S

Biological Filter Condition: New

  • Manufactured by: Scican ®
  • OEM Number: 01-102119S

Check Valve Condition: Refurbished

  • Manufactured by: Scican ®
  • OEM Number: 01-100574S


  • OEM Seal
  • 1 oz container of mineral oil
  • Seal Installation Instructions
  • OEM Biological Filter
  • OEM Check Valve
Features Include:
  • Perfect fit and specs help maintain warranties
Please Click Here is a printout of Scicans Preferred Statim ® Preventive Maintenance Schedule

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