SDS Kerr Demetron VCL401 Optilux Dental Curing Light Black Turbo Tip

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This SDS Kerr Demetron VCL401 Optilux Dental Curing Light with Black Turbo Tip is in very good working condition.

It has one small crack that does not affect its operation. It is shown in the photos.


The Optilux VCL 401 is a Dental Curing Light device engineered to polymerize dental adhesives and composite materials. It has a coiled light cord for storing excess cord length,and uses the halogen bulb technology.

The curing light employs a simple trigger control for operation independent of the timer. The VCL 401 has preset timer options increment between 10-60 seconds.


  • Coiled Light Cord
  • Halogen Bulb Technology
  • Simple Trigger Control
  • Preset Timer Options
  • increment Options from 10-60 seconds
  • Automatic Fan Shutoff


  • Lamp can be replaced in seconds without tools
  • Runs cool during continuous operation
  • Has a very light weight handpiece for better comfort
  • Has an automatic shutoff capability which minimizes electricity consumption and noise

Technical Specifications:

  • Device Typr:  Dental Curing Light
  • Electricity Requirements:  120V, 50/60Hz, 1.25A
  • Time Settings:  10, 20, 30 40, 50, and 60 seconds

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