XRS ImageMax Automatic Film Processor

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Welcome to the World's ONLY Sealed Processor System!

This is an incredible MADE IN THE USA product that is definitely needed in the dental industry for many reasons. It is not only more efficient, safer, environmentally and practice friendly, but it also can save you a whole lot of money.  

ImageMax Product Features Include:

Virtually self-cleaning: No need to take the processor apart to clean rollers, racks, or tracks. There are none so you simply rinse out the solution holding tanks, then refill with fresh chemistry and water. Simple and quick! More film detail - You chose the developer temperature, ImageMax automatically selects the proper timing.
  • Lower temperatures - more detail
  • Higher temperatures - faster processing.
Consistently excellent X-Rays - No replenishment required. An onboard computer makes small adjustments in processing time based on the square inches processed. Correctly processes intra-oral and pan / ceph films - These two film types process very differently. ImageMax is the first processor ever to process them with the correct "Kodak recommended" times. Has the ability to both heat and cool the developer - ImageMax gives you complete control over film detail and processing speed. Absolutely no roller marks or artifacts - Nothing touches the film! ImageMax tells you when to change the water and chemistry. Electronic push button drain - No corks to pull or unscrew. Separate drain for used fixer - Ready to be properly disposed of. No fumes or spills because the chemistry holding tanks are sealed. Extremely economical chemical and water usage - Holding tanks are only 1 quart each. Chemistry life is greatly extended - Sealed holding tanks virtually eliminate chemistry oxidation. ImageMax runs on 2/3 less chemistry compared to a standard roller-based film processor. Eliminates ruined film because solution levels were low - Each holding tank has fluid level sensors. Cut the radiation to the patient in half - By lowering the developer temperature, you can now use “E” & “F” speed films and get outstanding results. Never lose an intra-oral film again - Easy to load film holders securely lock intra-oral films in-place. Pans and Cephs load instantly - No more slow feed in or out! Extra-oral films fit directly into the processing tank. No film holder necessary. Virtually mistake proof - The 2-line display and simple controls make the ImageMax very easy to use. Keeps you informed- The display provides a count down timer and a constant status of the processor. Endo processing ability - Quick view in about a minute, then return to the processor to make archival. Automatic system shut off - The processor turns off if not used in 2 hours. No gears, belts, rollers, tracks, or pumps in the solutions to break. In fact, there are no moving parts that touch the chemistry! ImageMax uses its built in pump to create air pressure and vacuum to move the solutions through a custom-engineered pinch valve system. Fully self-contained - Put it practically anywhere. Make it mobile by putting it on a cart with wheels. Daylight loader Available Here - Lightweight, roomy, and easy to use. Small compact size and built to last - Constructed of tough stainless steel and heavy vacuum formed plastics. All components are designed for heavy-duty commercial usage. Industry leading LIFETIME warranty! Approved by CRA, the military, state radiation inspectors, the FDA, and Proven in dental offices in every state across the country for over 11 years!  

ImageMax Product Specifications:

  • Solution Capacity: 4 - 1 quart tanks
  • Power Requirements: 6 amps @ 115 VAC (50 / 60 cycle)
  • Physical Dimensions: 18" wide, 19" high, 13" deep
  • Weight (Dry): 28 pounds
  • Room Operating Temperature: 60 ° to 85 ° Fahrenheit
  • Internal Pump Pressure & Vacuum: Regulated to 7 PSI & 7 Hg
  ImageMax Film Processor Includes:
  • 3 Sets of ImageMax Concentrate Developer & Fixer
  • 3 Size 2 & 1 Size 0 Film Holders
  • WaterFlo+
  • Cleaner
  • Power Cord
  • Drain Tubes
  • Staging Jar
  • Holding Tank
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Intra-oral Retrieval Tool
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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