The Gendex  tube head wire scheme typically consists of several wires that connect various components within the tube head. These wires include:

  1. High Voltage Cable: This connects the high voltage power supply to the X-ray tube.

  2. Filament Leads: These connect the filament or cathode of the X-ray tube to the filament transformer.

  3. Control Cable: This connects the control circuitry to the exposure switch and the X-ray timer.

  4. Ground Wire: This provides an electrical ground connection for the tube head.

The exact setup for these wires may depend on the specific model of the Gendex tube head. However, in general, the high voltage cable should be connected securely to both the X-ray tube and the high voltage power supply. The filament leads should be connected to the filament transformer and the X-ray tube. The control cable should be connected to the exposure switch, X-ray timer, and control circuitry. Finally, the ground wire should be connected securely to the tube head and the electrical ground.

Again, it is important to note that only qualified service technicians should perform maintenance or repairs on dental X-ray equipment, as improper setup or handling could result in serious injury or damage to the equipment.

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