Inside the world of a Dental Equipment Refurbisher

Our blog about the daily life of working in the used and refurbished dental equipment business.

This is where we will do our best to show a bit of the daily life in the running operation of our business. And we will try to answer many of the questions we are most often asked. We want to share not only the process of what we do, but also why purchasing refurbished dental equipment is the smartest and most economical way to own quality dental equipment. The functionality, and affordability of used and refurbished dental equipment makes the choice a no-brainer. However, that’s only if you understand the facts of everything that’s involved. As time progresses we will do our best to keep adding articles on several subjects. But in the meantime if you have any questions you’d like answered just send us a message. If it’s about refurbishing processes, equipment usage/availability, technical issues, or anything else please just let us know.

Our Blogs

Why Buy Refurbished

Apr 02, 2020
Why Buy Used or Refurbished Dental Equipment? We get this question all the time... So we made this very simple quick...
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Selling Used Dental Equipment

Aug 07, 2017
Best Selling Practices and Some Things to Expect When You are Selling Your Used Dental Equipment! We get so many...
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Under-Sell and Over-Deliver

Aug 02, 2016
What or Who is ABC Dental Works? We are the home of Under-Sell and Over-Deliver. ABC Dental Works is a...
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The Beauty of Shipping Refurbished Dental Equipment

Mar 18, 2016
Working in a dental equipment refurbishing company I have a few different jobs...and they can all be fulfilling in their...
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Small Budget Big Equipment

Dec 02, 2015
A very difficult task for us is... that so many times we come across clients that do no maintenance...
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Getting things together!!!

Sep 29, 2015
Yes... Like that is ever going to happen! LOL! We continue to work on the move from the old shop....
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New ABC Dental Works Blog

Sep 28, 2015
WELCOME to our Blog! Today we start a new journey into the blogosphere to see if we can help with...
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