Tube head repair for Siemens Heliodent X-ray machines should only be done by qualified service technicians who have the necessary training and expertise. The specific repair procedures will depend on the type and extent of the damage or issue with the tube head.

Some common issues that could occur with the tube head on a Siemens Heliodent X-ray machine may include:

  1. Failing to turn on or power up: This could be caused by an electrical problem within the tube head, such as a blown fuse or damaged wiring.

  2. Overheating or temperature issues: If the tube head is getting too hot or is overheating, this could be caused by a problem with the cooling system, such as a clogged air filter or malfunctioning fan.

  3. Image quality issues: If the images produced by the X-ray machine are blurry, low in contrast, or otherwise of poor quality, this could be due to issues with the X-ray tube. This could be caused by a faulty X-ray tube, issues with the collimator, or other problems with the internal components of the tube head.

  4. Exposure issues: If the X-ray machine is overexposing or underexposing images, this could be due to issues with the X-ray tube head or other components of the X-ray machine. This could be caused by incorrect exposure settings, a faulty timer, or other issues with the control circuitry.

If you are experiencing any issues with the tube head on your Siemens Heliodent X-ray machine, it is recommended to contact us. We can diagnose the issue and provide recommendations for repair or replacement of the equipment as needed.

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