Used Dental Equipment Repair and Service

At ABC Dental Works we offer used dental equipment repair and service. That service includes emergency dental equipment repair, and we offer this repair service to not only dentists, but also veterinarians, lasik offices, medical facilities, podiatry offices, and any other facility that needs sterilizer or other medical equipment repaired.

If you have an emergency equipment repair call us immediately at 727-388-4223 where we have someone to answer your call at all times.

You know how it can be, you are having a great day at your practice, patients have been booked solid. In fact the coming weeks are just as full as time allows. The last patient of the day is being screened and "BANG" the vacuum or compressor shut down, or the delivery unit starts leaking water, or the sterilizer starts throwing faulty codes, or the x-ray won't fire, or... well... you get the idea! So you call your big giant corporate equipment company that sold you the shiny new equipment just to have them tell you "Yes we will have someone there by the end of the week" or "Sorry but nobody will be in until after the weekend!" Now the problems set in as staff goes into stressful overdrive and patients become disgruntled from the multitude of changing schedules and re-booking into an already busy schedule. And we won't even start on the loss of income from the downtime. That is where we can help. ABC Dental Works has been in the dental equipment business for almost 20 years and we have an emergency repair team that is fluent in about anything you need fixed. Not only do we repair used and refurbished dental equipment, but more importantly we can get there fast to do it. We even have techs that can come to your practice on the weekend if that is when you need it to be done. We are located in Lecanto, Florida and serve Citrus, Marion, and the surrounding counties in Central and Northern Florida. And if the emergency is bad enough just get ahold of us and we can probably travel even a little further to help you out.

Just call 727-388-4223 and let us know what is broken and where it's located to see if we are able to help you take care of your problem.

Why Repair Instead of Replace Your Equipment?

Dental equipment repair on autoclaves, scalers, developers, and more at the lowest bench rate. When possible dental equipment repair is a "No Brainer". With the high priced cost of purchasing new equipment it makes sense to make repairs to your current dental equipment. By replacing the broken or worn parts with new you are adding years to your equipment at a fraction of the cost. The savings can quickly climb into the 10's of 1000's of dollars, and you can then use the hard earned money you save elsewhere in your business. We explain some of the top reasons customers repair and purchase used/refurbished equipment on our "Why Buy Refurbished" page. Of course there is some equipment that is beyond repair but we provide free honest consultations and estimates if you would ever need one. And if you need some work done that we don't provide we have several others in the business that we can refer you to.

What About Quality?

Our owner is a U.S. Military Veteran that started out as a technician and has been in the dental equipment repair business for over 25 years. He has owned this business for over 20 years and we have hundreds of satisfied and returning customers which would not be possible without the delivery of high quality service. We aren't just in the business of dental equipment repair and sales, we are also in the business of relationships. We want our customers to know they will always receive quality and we stand behind our work with many types of warranty repairs. We have factory trained technicians that provide bench repair services for all manufacturers small equipment. Specializing in dental chairs, delivery units, statims, autoclaves, x-rays, and developers we have hourly rates that can't be matched.

We offer dental equipment repair at the industries lowest bench rate.

Call 727-388-4223 or email us for details.


Some of the equipment we repair and service includes, but is not limited to the following:

Chairs manufactured by A-dec, Belmont, DentalEZ, Knight, Marus, Midmark, and Pelton & Crane. Delivery Units manufactured by A-dec, Belmont, DentalEZ, Midmark, and Pelton & Crane. Lights manufactured by A-dec, Belmont, DCI, DentalEZ, Healthco, Midmark, Pelton & Crane, and Siemens. Compressors manufactured by Air Techniques, DentalEZ, Jun-Air, Matrx, MDT, Midmark, Ritter, and Sierra. Vacuums manufactured by Air Techniques, DentalEZ, Matrx, Midmark, Ram Vac, Sierra, and Tech-West. Autoclaves and Sterilizers manufactured by Scican, Midmark, Ritter, Pelton & Crane, and Harvey. X-rays manufactured by Belmont, Castle, Gendex, Healthco, Heliodent, Phillips, Planmeca, and Siemens. Film Processors, Cavitrons, Scalers, Curing Lights, Lab Equipment, and More by manufacturers like Acteon, A-dec, Air Techniques, Biosonic, Buffalo, Demetron, Dentsonic, Dentsply, Dent-X, Handler, Heathco, Philips, Ray Foster, Porter, Quantiflex, Rembrandt, SDS Kerr, TCI, Tuttnauer, Victor, and many more.  

And don't worry because many times we can help you even if you are just in need of some knowledge/direction or even parts. We will gladly help you in any way we can to keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

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