ABC Dental Works is an independent service organization offering new, refurbished, and used dental equipment. Established in 2004 ABC Dental Works is a US Veteran and family owned business. Located in Holder Florida we specialize in refurbished and used dental equipment. We bring over 2 decades of refurbishing and technical experience to the table, and do all refurbishing and repairs in-house. Our goal here is to provide quality pre-owned dental equipment at a reasonable cost. We make sure that it is not only beautiful and functional, but also very affordable to our customers. Our team has over 30 years of combined refurbishing and recycling experience. Backed by extensive OEM experience and a quality focused attitude we deliver quality services and products to dental industry customers nationwide.

ABC Dental Works wants to help you

ABC Dental Works also provides Equipment Repair, Inventory Liquidation, and Asset Recovery Services.

We are True Dental Equipment Refurbishers

ABC Dental Works refurbishes the equipment it sells right here on our property. Many steps and processes are in place for every piece of equipment we receive. Inspections and testing are done prior to as well as at completion of the equipment’s transformation. Every piece goes through a rigorous intake and inspection process. Then our team determines exactly what needs to be done to reconstruct the equipment. Next It is passed on to the proper station for disassembly and cleaning. Individual pieces are then able to receive any further attention such as paint, upholstery, rewiring, etc. Reassembly comes next and then to final testing.

Quality, Functionality, and Value are Important

Quality control allows us to be certain that equipment is ready for sale. We always use Factory OEM parts when they are available. We replace parts if there is even a question. Warranties enable us to share the assurance we have in our equipment.

Helping You is What We Do

Finishing the sale doesn’t end our commitment. Pleasurable service AFTER A SALE is the biggest response we get from customers. We don’t just want the customer to see how beautiful an item looks. More important is to know that the individual that bought the equipment is comfortable with their knowledge of a product and are 100% ready to use it. We help through phone calls, emails, texts, hands-on, manuals, and even FaceTime or Skype calls so we are able to give our customers the individual attention they need.

We Build Custom and Patient Ready Equipment

At ABC Dental Works we can help you build your dental equipment exactly as you want it. The pictures you see are not generic but rather the actual item you will be purchasing. If you see a chair but want something added or taken away… we can do that. Paint or upholstery needs to be a different color… done! Looking for something you don’t see and need help finding it… we can do that too. Just let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will work with you on your project. We take a lot of pride and put forth quality workmanship to send something out the doors that will exceed customer expectations.

This Is About More Than Selling Dental Equipment

Our goal is not to just sell a piece of used or refurbished dental equipment. We actually establish relationships that allow our customers to turn to us when needed. We offer our knowledge to help them with the proper operation and maintenance of not only what they purchase from us, but of their entire stock. Be it through manuals, phone calls, or even text messages, we are available 24/7 to help with any issues they may have.

It’s About Long Term Comfort & Peace of Mind

Our customers can rest assured that their purchase is not just a cost saving investment in their practice for today. They also get the knowledge that between their equipment and our service, loss of income through down-time will be a thing of the past. They are buying equipment that looks and will operate just like it is new for many years to come. An added bonus is realizing that through their purchase of refurbished dental equipment they have made an excellent environmental investment.

Our Ecological Global Footprint is Watched Closely

With today’s ever changing economy ABC Dental Works knows that it is important to provide competitive prices. But being conscious of the benefits of recycling and environmental practices is also a high priority. Environmentally safe and friendly practices is one of our priorities. Being mindful within the used dental equipment refurbishing process is a serious commitment for us. We also make certain clients know and understand the ecological impact their purchases make.

Have More Questions?

We are here to help educate everyone about the huge benefits of purchasing refurbished dental equipment. WE HAVE SOME OF THE INFORMATION IN THIS VIDEO that explains many of the main benefits of buying refurbished or used dental equipment over new dental equipment. Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars while purchasing Excellent Quality American Made Equipment that will last many years. Please feel free to CONTACT US HERE with any questions you may have.

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