Best Selling Practices and Some Things to Expect When You are Selling Your Used Dental Equipment!

We get so many calls from practices and individuals selling used dental equipment that it can sometimes be overwhelming.  There are many doctors retiring and selling complete practices, there are even more that want to purchase a different piece or even newer equipment, and then there are individuals who got a piece in an auction or sale. Unfortunately the entire selling and buying process does not always go as quickly as the seller would like and frustration can set in. But if you prepare yourself properly, and do a few fundamental things, it can go much smoother because you know what to expect.

Here are some ideas to make your selling experience go a little easier.

  • Make an inventory of all your pieces with a short description of each piece if possible. Basically it needs to describe how long you’ve had it, if it is in working condition (if not then when the last time it was), and if there has been a maintenance schedule in place.
  • Take as many photos of your equipment as you can. Show each side of the pieces. This will enable the viewer to see the condition of the entire item. One of the worst things you can do is bend the truth or hide something not quite right about your equipment.
  • In your photos get as many of the equipments information plates as possible as well as any modifications you may have made to the item. All of this will help the purchaser identify exactly what you have.
  • Email your inventory and photos to your prospective buyers. It is best to use a reduced file size if you are going to be sending a lot of them via email. But if you are going to use a cloud based application insure you send the pass-code enabled link so they can be viewed by the receiver.
  • In your email be sure and note where the equipment is located and if there is a certain date that the equipment needs to be removed.
  • Include your practice and personal information so you can be contacted.
  • Many times you will hear back quickly, but it can also take a few to several days sometimes for a response.

What happens at the other end?

  • Upon receipt companies will take your photos and information and review it for quality and value.
  • If it is not items they are looking for at the time then they will usually respond in such.
  • If you are selling something they are looking for then they will contact you with an offer for purchase.
  • If you are satisfied with the offer then payment/shipping will be discussed and you will complete your transaction.

A few things you should try and understand about your used equipment.

Many times sellers highly over value their own used equipment. It’s served them well for years and still looks great. Sadly the reality is that it is not worth what you may think and definitely not what you paid for it. Besides normal wear and tear and it’s mechanical condition there are other factors that also work into the actual value of a piece of used dental equipment.
  • It will have to be removed and transported
  • It will have to be refurbished
  • It will have to be listed and resold with a Warranty
  • It just may not be a very desirable piece of equipment

Hang in there and don’t give up!

There is still a lot of older equipment that is desirable. The old adage “They don’t make it like they used to” definitely comes into play with dental equipment. There are many professionals that want nothing to do with the new stuff for many reasons. So don’t lose hope because your equipment might still be worth something. There is more than one equipment purchaser so don’t let the first no stop you.

Just be ready because it’s usually a lengthy process!

The main thing to do is prepare everything that will allow you to present your used dental equipment in an honest and concise manner. Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t become frustrated or irritated.  Do your prep work and you will have an easier time as well as a better chance at selling your used dental equipment with the least effort at the best price available.

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