Working in a dental equipment refurbishing company I have a few different jobs...and they can all be fulfilling in their own different ways. But if I had to choose one as a favorite I would have to say my favorite part of the job is shipping. Each time we send something to a customer it becomes a huge learning experience and can really be visually beautiful and mentally fulfilling.

Okay… I know that’s probably not what you expected but I don’t really mean the crating and packaging part. I know the different used and refurbished dental products have their own unique packaging puzzles and that’s cool enough, but it’s not the part that is so intriguing to me. The part of shipping that is so much fun is filling out the shipping details section. Wait just a minute… don’t say I am crazy yet. I am not talking about the dimensions, weight, item, pallet size, etc. as that is all pretty redundant after a while. What makes shipping so intriguing is of course the address! That’s right… the address!!! Why the address you ask?! Well it’s pretty simple actually… whenever you are setting up shipping you have to check and make certain that the customer provided shipping address is a good deliverable address by your particular shipping company. And I don’t mean whether it’s a business or residential address either. I mean particularly the zip code. Yes it is with the zip code that all the fun starts. Let me explain… Whenever I do an address check I like to use Google Maps. I just open up Google Maps in my browser and type the address into the search bar and I am shown the layout in the city where the business resides. It of course lets me know two things… that the address is correct, and whether it is business or residential. “Oh! That Sounds Sooooo Exciting”… you say! Well that’s not the good part. What you do next is when the magic starts… Move your cursor into the lower left hand corner of the map and click on the “Satellite” view and…BAM… that is where the amazement begins! Suddenly your senses are bombarded with images and beauty that is hardly ever the same twice. You might find yourself in the middle of a mountain range, surrounded by lakes, at the beach, on the edge of a dessert region, in a snow surrounded bay, on an island paradise, in a country town, a bustling city, an age old village in another country, or even see a world famous landmark. It can be ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!! If you have time (or even jot down the zip code for later) you can then do a search in your favorite web browser and learn a little bit about the city or country you are looking at. It will amaze you the different regions, climates, eco-systems, and more that are in not just this country, but all around the world. Even without delving further than the map it is always amazing. And since it would be next to impossible to go to all these places in person it’s like taking a mini-vacation right at your desk.I do a lot of really amazing things working at a dental equipment refurbishing company. To see a piece of used dental equipment come in and go through the rigorous and lengthy process to come out as a beautiful piece of refurbished dental equipment is amazing. It starts as something that is not up to standards and becomes a piece of artwork that has a whole new life breathed into it. It is always a treat and quite incredible to watch and be part of. But even as much as I enjoy seeing the refurbishing process (as well as other parts of my job) it doesn’t give me the same daily inspiration that I receive from seeing the vast diversity of natural and man-made beauty from around the world that I am able to witness through the shipping process!

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