Why Buy Used or Refurbished Dental Equipment?

We get this question all the time...

So we made this very simple quick video with just the high points of why buying used and refurbished dental equipment is a good idea.  

We try to point out these positive aspects to our customers...

  • You Save Money on Quality Equipment (up to 50% or more) which you can then put back in your business
  • You Don’t Pay the 2% MDE Tax
  • A lot are trade-ins so it is still very good equipment, and after refurbishing it is "Like New" equipment
  • From us it is Professionally Refurbished which means it is disassembled, and reconditioned, repainted, rewired, refitted with new parts, and more as needed
  • We stand behind our quality so we cover all purchased equipment with a warranty
  • Refurbished Imaging Equipment generally costs half the price of new (wow)!
  • You are making a positive Environmental Investment.
  • OEM and Third Party ISO’s will happily service a refurbished system.
  • Finance Companies will happily fund both refurbished equipment and the soft costs that go along.
Please let us know of any questions or concerns you may have about equipment. Even if you don't purchase from us we will gladly and honestly help you in your search for the equipment you need.    

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