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Refurbishing Autoclaves and Statims is one of our specialties. With refurbished autoclaves by Midmark, Ritter, Tuttnauer, and more we always have many different machines to fit a wide variety of needs and uses. Our techs refurbish this equipment to like new standards using only the highest industry standards. Our used and refurbished dental equipment looks and runs as good as machines that will cost you over twice the amount of money. Buying a refurbished autoclave still gives all the assurance of quality while allowing you to save money to reinvest back into your company elsewhere. You can also go here to see the Autoclave Parts we sell to know we can cover all your sterilizer needs in one stop. If there is any parts or dental equipment you need and don't see please call us or fill out this form to contact us and let us know what you're looking for. With our network of parts vendors and technicians we are certain we can help you in your search.

Autoclaves and Statims are basically the same type of machines.

Autoclaves are used to sterilize instruments when performing medical and surgical procedures to protect patients. Otherwise, contamination on the instruments could cause an infection. The autoclave works by completely removing bacteria and other contaminants from the tools and instruments.
The first step in the autoclave process is totally removing all of the air in the autoclave chamber. The chamber is sealed, and all of the air is removed through a vacuum pump, steam pumping or steam pulsing. The air may also be forced out through downward displacement, using steam to force it downwards. The exact method varies, depending on the model of autoclave being used. Once the air has been totally removed from the unit, the tools or instruments are sterilized by exposure to heat. The sterilization cycle typically runs anywhere from 3 to 18 minutes, and the heat level is usually set between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. The intense heat kills bacteria, viruses and other organisms. The autoclave works best when the items are place inside in an arrangement that allows the heat to circulate completely. An autoclave will not work to sterilize some items, such as certain plastics, because they can be melted or damaged by exposure to intense heat.  

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