A curing light is designed to rapidly cure a resin. Curing lights are used primarily in the dental industry for fillings, sealants, and adhesives for various dental procedures. The curing light has two purposes. It makes sure the resins cure properly and evenly which is important when doing fillings because it keeps the filling in place. And it also limits the risk of cracks with sealants. The fast and even curing it produces also helps limit future problems with implants and braces. In the dental field, a curing light can use ultraviolet or visible light, depending on what it is designed for. It is important to use the right curing light for the right resin product; many lights are designed to handle a range of resins safely, and the light needs to be well maintained so that it will work properly and effectively. Even though we carry many used and refurbished dental curing lights we don't always have everything. Please be sure and contact us if you have not found what you are looking for. We have several ways to help you get what you need. Even if it is with another company we want you to be able to purchase your desired equipment.  

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