Dental handpiece is the more informal term used for dental drill, and these pieces of equipment are basically just that. A small high-speed device used for everything from removing plaque to shaping teeth to prepare for fillings and root canals. The term “handpiece” can sometimes be used to include the power source, but normally then you will see “dental engine” used to describe such a setup. We have refurbished handpieces that are slow speed, high speed, and fiber optic, as well as turbines and optic handpiece tubing. With brands like Adec, BienAir, Centra, Heathco, Kavo, Kenetic, Lares, Medidenta, Midwest, and Star you will find everything you need to set up your office all in one spot. And always remember we use the higest industry standards to refurbish dental equipment, bringing it to a like-new state, in both appearance and functionality. If there's anything you're looking for and don't see please let us know. Our inventory consistently updates as we complete new pieces.

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