Introduced in the late 80's an intraoral camera is designed small enough to be used for video or still photos inside a patients mouth. These cameras allow a dentist to show a patient exactly what he is looking at without the old reflective mirror. With this intraoral camera a patient gets an incredible view of just what is being assessed by their dentist for treatment. It not only helps the patient understand better, but also helps the dentist because patients are less likely to refuse treatment when they can actually view the area of concern. The video or photos taken can also be used to share with consultants or dental providers to show what procedures are needed, and also as a comparison between completed work and the initial condition. With manufacturers like AcuCam, Air Techniques, and Vista Cam our Intraoral Cameras are refurbished to the higest industry standards, bringing it to a like-new state, in both appearance and functionality. 

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