What or Who is ABC Dental Works?

We are the home of Under-Sell and Over-Deliver.

ABC Dental Works is a small US Veteran owned business in Lecanto, Florida that refurbishes, sells, and repairs used dental equipment. We do sell new equipment and parts, but our main focus is used and especially refurbished equipment. We are a small company so when you call us you will talk to a real person without all the robo numbers. The main tech is our owner (with over 15 year’s experience) and is at the business pretty much every day (unless he’s on a delivery/install). All equipment refurbishing is done in-house at ABC Dental Works so we know the equipment we sell on a personal level. Our prices are low and our quality is high!

What is ABC Dental Works main focus?

We want to help businesses both old and new succeed.

We are honestly here to help businesses not only save money, but also to learn the proper operation and maintenance of their equipment. Many times we take calls just to give advice, instruction, or even direction to find something we don’t have in stock. And we earnestly strive to keep our prices as low as possible so that the quality is affordable for anyone. With these practices we as a small company have built a solid reputation and consistently receive many great “Word of Mouth” customers.

Why Refurbished and Used Dental Equipment?

We believe the slightly older equipment was made with much more quality.

We really don’t like much of the new stuff coming out. Either it’s purely electronic, it’s manufactured cheaply overseas, or both. And also there is a ton of savings on quality refurbished equipment. Because we do repairs and service we get many phone calls from owners that have a fairly new piece of equipment (like a chair) that burned a circuit and with it disabled their entire system. So now their delivery, light, assistants station, and even cuspidor isn’t doing them one bit of good. More problematic than that is the fact that many times the “certified mechanic” from the company they purchased it from can’t get there for days or even worse can’t fix it on the first visit. They can be completely out of service for a week or more. We can’t even imagine the amount of money that would cost a business. That is just one of the many reasons we like the time tested and workhorse equipment we refurbish, service, and sell.

Why buy from ABC Dental Works?

We sell high quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of new.

We sell beautiful and functional equipment that is not only going to last longer, but will also cost a fraction of the money for the kind of quality that is being purchased. Just because a piece of equipment is older doesn’t mean it is “old.” When we are done refurbishing the item it has been completely stripped down and restored. New hoses, blocks, paint, upholstery, wiring, switches, you name it. If it was even semi-rough it gets repaired or replaced. It becomes a piece of equipment that is like new in appearance and functionality, and will last for just as many (and often times more) years as the newer much less reliable and more expensive equipment.

What makes ABC Dental Works tick?

We get to make and see some very happy people.

One of the most satisfying aspects of our business is the response from people when they finally lay their eyes on their refurbished product.  It never grows old watching as the reality sets in that they have purchased an absolutely beautiful piece of equipment. And another pleasure arrives when they test it and comprehend two things. One is that is that it is going to look absolutely gorgeous in their practice. And two is that it will also be functioning strong for many years to come. It’s also quite affirming through the years when they contact you and tell you how their competitors “buy it cheap” equipment has fallen into such disarray while theirs is still making them money daily.

What is ABC Dental Works Main Ideals?

We believe in customer service, and quality equipment.

As American Veterans we have a lot of pride in our country and stick to American Made equipment as much as possible. Well over 90% of everything we sell is made in the USA. But you can rest assured even if we sell other equipment like Scican Statims (made in Canada) that it is going to be extremely High Quality Only! We don’t believe in selling something just because it’s cheaper for two main reasons. Quality is number one, and secondly we know that customer satisfaction and our reputation stands on every sale. That is why at ABC Dental Works we will always Under-sell and Over-deliver.




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