Why Buy Refurbished Dental Equipment?

We can help you understand why it is such a SMART decision.

We understand that going into a business everybody usually wants brand new out of the box equipment. We also know that the thought of refurbished dental equipment doesn't always set well at first. But we hear from thousands of dentists that love the look, quality, and price breaks from purchasing used dental equipment. The fact is that some of the older equipment has proven quality and craftsmanship. A Couple that with the refurbishing process we have in place and it's an unbeatable pair. You are able to receive a product that not only has high quality and craftsmanship, but also a new life expectancy of many years.

Just A Few of The Reasons...

  • Savings up to 50% or more off price of new-
  • No 2% Medical Excise tax-
  • You can receive money for your old equipment on trade-in.

All of these combined can quickly turn in to savings in the TENS of THOUSANDS of Dollars!

We get a lot of feedback from dentists that came out of school having spent a whole lot of money on "new technology". All it takes is for one chip/circuit go bad and sadly the downtime costs a tremendous loss of income. Many immediately have parts breaking that could take months to receive from overseas. And their "new" products have rapidly fading upholstery and paint. After a very brief period of time they find they want to replace most of their major equipment. Customers start talking with their ""mentors"" to see what they purchased and their satisfaction with their own equipment. It doesn't take long before the ""bulb"" goes off and they start purchasing good, solid, American Made equipment that is rock solid dependable. They find right away that not only are they having fewer mechanical issues, but also their staff is more productive, and patients are more comfortable. Suddenly there is extra money to reinvest back into their business.A

But don't worry because you don't have to waste All That Money!

Customers continue to call and tell us how much they are enjoying the operation of their equipment. They also like to brag on the compliments they receive for the comfort and aesthetics of their purchase. But probably the greatest reports we receive are the ones we get from clients about their investment. Many of them finally feel they have invested in their business with quality equipment that is going to last. You have worked hard for many years to go to school and start a business. You have heard over and over again that you must be wise with your overhead, investments, and where you spend your money. It is a sound decision to buy quality refurbished dental equipment for many reasons. Resale value, cost effectiveness, and dollars saved alone prove to be a very wise long term investment. And you will always have the peace of mind that your equipment is not only reliable, but even more importantly that your clients get a very distinct impression of a comfortable visit and attractive business.

We can give you peace of mind and save you money!

Let us help you save money on some beautiful, dependable, American Made Used or Refurbished Dental Equipment. Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for. From one piece to entire practices. We can help you meet and exceed your expectations because we ""Under-sell and Over-deliver""

A few examples of our used and refurbished dental equipment


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