Dental x-ray machines are quite unique. They have the ability to do the work that large machines do but are packed into a small enough space that they can actually take pictures inside our mouth. They are compact and precise and are capable of many functions as not all x-rays are the same. X-rays taken to check for bone level and cavities between the teeth are know as Bitewings and are usually taken once a year. There are also full tooth x-rays taken from the top of the tooth all the way to the root. These Periapical or x-rays help to see deep decay and abcess among other issues. So you normally won't get these unless you go in to see the dentist because of specific symptoms. There are also several x-rays for the roof and floor of the mouth as well as full panoramic x-rays to prepare for braces or surgery among other things. So these machines definitely have their work cut out for them. Here at ABC Dental works we take pride in the condition of our refurbished dental x-ray machines that we sell. They are completed to very high standards because we want to make sure that you get the qualilty pictures you need to take care of any of the dental issues you may be facing. If you are looking for a certain machine and you don't see it here please feel free to contact us by filling out this form or give us a call at 727-388-4223 as we are constantly refurbishing units and our inventory changes daily.

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