A-dec Performer III 8000 Dental Chair, Radius Delivery, Cuspidor, Assistants Arm, 6300 Light NICE

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This refurbished A-dec Performer III Chair is in beautiful condition.

Adec Performer 3 8000 with Radius Delivery, Cuspidor, Assistants Arm, 6300 Light, and Existing Seamless Royal Blue Upholstery                                         

This Great Package Includes:

  • Adec Performer III 8000 Chair with Foot Control
  • Adec Performer Delivery System
  • Adec Performer Assistant's Instrumentation

                                                       Adec 8000 Chair

Thin-profile backrest. Provides a more comfortable working position.

Double-articulating headrest. Allows you to adjust the patient for a better view of the oral cavity.

Headrest Tension Adjustment. Increase or decrease tension for perfect positioning.

Reliable hydraulic-lift system. Results in ultra-quiet, smooth chair movement.

Foot control. Pre-programmed entry/exit, programmable position buttons and manual position buttons.

Chair Stop Plate. Safety feature that stops chair immediately when any part of it is pressed.

Cast-aluminum baseplate. Sits flat on any floor for overall chair stability.                                                                    

Adec Performer Delivery System

Traditional style delivery style with rotation stops

3 handpiece control block

Self-contained water bottle system

Handpiece oil collection system

Height adjustable head

Autoclavable syringe

4' external umbilical

Stainless steel floor box                                                                                                                                     

Adec Performer Extended Assistant Instrumentation

Instrumentation and 4 position holder bar

Quick-disconnect, saliva ejector and high volume ejector

Rotating arm with fixed height and length


A-dec 6300 Post Mount Light

New Reflector & Lens Cover

Light head includes third axis, diagonal adjustment. High, medium, and a composite setting that reduces the chance for premature composite curing

Bulb Type: Quartz halogen xenon, single-end prongs

Light Intensity: Low 16,000 lux Medium 20,000 lux High 24,000 lux Operating Voltage: 120V BTUs per hour:

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