A-dec Wall Mount Rear Delivery with Assistant Instrumentation

Sale price$3,212.00 USD


These are "Patient Ready" A-dec Wall Mount Rear Deliveries

They have been completely refurbished and are in fantastic condition both functionally and aesthetically.

Features Include:

  • Cascade Assistant's Instrumentation - Solids collector, Autoclavable QD HVE, an and a Saliva Ejector
  • Air Actuated Brake - Toggle-activated brake holds the system where you want it
  • Work Surface with Laminate Finish - 19" by 22" work surface for instrument tray
  • Left/right Convertible - Handpiece controls and assitant's instruments can be pivoteed for left/right conversion
  • Duplex - 120 volt duplex outlet for electrical accessories

This price is for 1 (one) Delivery.

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