Emergency Crash Cart (ER2000) - Refurbished

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Emergency Crash Cart (ER2000) - Refurbished 

also known as an ER2000, is a mobile, compact medical cart that is stocked with various medical supplies and equipment needed to manage medical emergencies. The cart typically has drawers or compartments that are organized with specific medical supplies and medications, such as oxygen, defibrillator, endotracheal tubes, airway management devices, intravenous (IV) fluids and equipment, medications for emergency treatment, and other necessary tools.

The ER2000 is designed to be easily accessible and transportable, allowing medical professionals to quickly and efficiently respond to a variety of emergency situations in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. The cart may be equipped with features such as a built-in power source and a computerized system to track inventory and usage of supplies.

The ER2000 is an essential component of emergency medical response and is used by healthcare professionals such as nurses, physicians, and emergency medical technicians. Proper training and regular maintenance are important to ensure that the cart is ready to use at all times and can provide lifesaving interventions in emergency situations.

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