MDS Matrx AMD-100-2 Air Compressor 4-6 User Used

Sale price$4,176.00 USD


This is a used Matrx AMD-100-2Air Compressor that has been tested and is in excellent working condition. AirMax compressors combine high performance design with rugged, trouble-free construction to provide high quality compressed dental air. AMD-Series compressors use industry standard piston-type heads because of their proven reliability and low-noise operation. Also featured is an integral desiccant drying system and in-line filter to ensure delivery of clean, dry air that is free of water, oil and other contaminants that could compromise dental procedures and handpiece operation. Air is stored in an ASME-certified tank.
  • Dimensions - 32"H x 16â"W x 39"D
  • Users - 4-6
  • Ship Weight - 294 lbs.
  • Horsepower / Kilowatts - (2) @ 1.0 HP / .75 KW
  • Voltage (Nominal) - 208-230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Max. Current - 14.4A
  • Elec. Service (Dedicated Line) - 12 AWG 20A Min Breaker
  • Tank Capacity - 20 Gal
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