Midmark UltraComfort Procenter Dental Operatory Completely Refurbished

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This Midmark UltraComfort Procenter Operatory is absolutely fantastic both mechanically and aesthetically.

This is a used dental chair that we purchased and as with all our refurbished equipment all of the work was done here at our facility, and you get the item you see in the pictures. This operatory has new paint, upholstery, and tubing. It was actually in pretty decent condition when we purchased it but we wanted to do some work and really make it gorgeous.

Midmark UltraComfort Dental Chair

  • Unparalleled patient comfort
  • Patented integrated armrests provide essential support, and allow for unencumbered patient entry and exit
  • Synchronized movement of the back comfortably supports the patient and eliminates the need for patient or headrest adjustment
  • Hydraulic movement is smooth and quiet
  • Standard programmable chair controls are strategically located on the two hip posts
  • Chair swivels 60 degrees (30 degrees with Concept LR)

Procenter Instrument Delivery System

The Midmark Procenter Delivery System combines thoughtful design, attention to detail and quality construction. Integrated controls and switches are designed to provide simple, yet refined, access for precision and flexibility. Available in chair, cabinet and wall mounted systems, the Procenter is designed to complement the way you work and deliver exceptional reliability. Features include:
  • Exclusive pop-up lid feature for line-of-sight access to air and water controls
  • Fine needle valve adjustments allow for greater precision of drive air and lavage
  • Midmark patented Kink Valve ® technology provides an unprecedented level of reliability and control
  • Unique air lock release buttons are ergonomically integrated into the unit handle for intuitive function and operation
  • Positive, one-way airlock automatically holds the unit in position whether the Procenter is on or off
  • Anti-friction needle bearings in the arm pivot provide easy arm movement and long bearing life
  • Self-contained water system enables you to go from city water to bottled water with the flip of a switch
  • Centrally located chair control offers up to four programmable positions and is standard on all chair mounted systems
Assistant's Instrumentation Features include:
  • Touchpad
  • Saliva Ejector
  • High Volume Evacuator
  • Syringe

The Midmark Operating Light

Where many lights are an afterthought of old technology, the Midmark Light, with its advanced lighting design, pushes lighting quality to the edge.
  • Features an integrated PC board that monitors voltage to ensure color corrected brightness, LED intensity readouts and touchpad controls
  • Delivers the true, reduced shadow white light you need to properly identify shades, see details and diagnose tissue
  • Customizable features simplify usage of the light, while minimizing fatigue, time and motion
  • The ergonomic design offers complete control, with pull, tilt and twist options, as well as easy access to the touchpad.
  • Anti-friction bearings and tension adjustments enable you to set the tension and motion desired for your specific needs
  • Touchpad control offers three intensity adjustments as well as a composite safe setting to prevent premature curing
  • Automatic motion controlled on/off function can be set on the touchpad with the simple touch of a button

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